Pilgrimage schedule for 2009

Pilgrimage 10 March - 10 April, 2009

As you are aware, this year is a very special year because the secret images of Kannon will all be opened during the year. I will be doing this pilgrimage three times over the coming year so that I can participate fully in this hugely important spiritual event. The first pilgrimage, between 10 March and 10 April will be undertaken especially on behalf of the hundreds of people for whom I will be offering prayers. In the tradition of the wandering nuns of olden times, I will collect and offer the prayers and petitions of people unable to undertake the pilgrimage themselves. During this time, I will also undertake various ritual practices in the tradition of the hijiri mountain ascetics. For these reasons, I will not be able to act as a pilgrim guide and will be undertaking this pilgrimage alone. I would be very happy for you to join me, however, when I undertake the next pilgrimage in my role as a sendatsu pilgrim guide in October.

Pilgrimage 12 October - 01 November, 2009

You are invited to join me on this very special pilgrimage, where many of the secret images of Kannon will be displayed, offering a truly rare opportunity to participate in a unique spiritual event.

Pilgrimage cost: US$4,700 for 21 days (land content only, does not include airfare)

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