Taking your prayers on the Kannon Pilgrimage

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For fifteen years now I have had the honour of being entrusted with the prayers, wishes, and petitions of people from all over the world – not just Buddhists, but people of all spiritual traditions. Infinitely compassionate Kannon, whose name means “One Who Hears the Cries of the World” does not pay attention to any particular religious or spiritual label but grants the wishes of anyone who calls upon her. Since offering these prayers on behalf of others, I have received so many letters telling me of the blessings they received, and the miracles they attribute to their prayers being answered by Kannon: lost loved ones reunited, illnesses cured, babies conceived, soul mates found, goals achieved, wishes granted, and gentle, peaceful passings. Kannon continues to fulfil her vow to save all beings from suffering; so I urge you once again to send a prayer or wish with me on my next pilgrimage which starts on March 8th, 2009. Don’t hesitate to ask for benefits for yourself: offer your intention with an open heart and you will find help.

How I became the 'Prayer Vessel'
Who is Kannon?
What is a Prayer?
How to write your prayer
How to send your prayer