Sending Your Prayer

Why is it so important to hand-write the prayer instead of just sending an email? I believe that there is a special energy transfer that occurs when you write something by your own hand. That energy, encapsulated in your hand-writing, is then carried with me on the pilgrimage and offered on your behalf. With your hand-written prayer I feel that a very real part of you is accompanying me on the journey. Of course, I will accept your prayers in whatever manner you wish to send them, but for maximum benefits I truly believe that hand-written prayers carry more energy and are worth the extra effort required.

Once you have written your prayer on the back of the Heart Sutra, post it to me at:

Wabi'an Temple

Cate Kodo Juno
8 Bouvard Drive
Western Australia
Australia 6211

Please remember to include your name, your postal address and your email address.

It is an honour for me to be entrusted with your prayers and there is no charge for this service. However, it is customary to make a donation when your prayer is offered at the pilgrimage temples; the temples depend entirely on your generosity to continue with their important work, so please consider sending a donation with your prayer.

Pilgrimage Mementos

If you would like a memento of the pilgrimage, please enclose a stamped self-addressed envelope and I will post you a little souvenir of the journey when I return.

If you would like to obtain a special amulet from one of the temples, please go to the next section Pilgrimage Mementos & Temple Amulets.

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