What is a Prayer?

A prayer is a very personal statement of an intention or wish, and being personal its significance and deeper meaning will be unique to every individual. And every individual has their own way of working with this cosmic mystery that is the “Power of Kannon.”

In Japan, and many other parts of Asia, those who write prayers to offer to Kannon may not consider themselves to be “religious” in any way at all; they merely have faith that offering their intention or their wish is enough and that the mysterious forces of the cosmos will take care of their request. They offer their petition at a temple because it is the role of the priest to work with this energy on their behalf. But the attitude seems very much to be “You have to be in it, to win it!”

As well as not being seen as a particularly “religious” act, people in Asia do not separate between the material and spiritual when they write their prayers; therefore, as well as asking for good health, protection from calamity, easy childbirth and healthy children, or finding love, it is perfectly appropriate to also ask for material wealth and gain such as a promotion or raise in salary, a good price for their house, success in their business ventures and so forth.

In setting down your intention or wish, writing by your own hand, I believe that you are activating that desire by your action. Your prayer is like a pebble that is thrown into a cosmic pond and setting the waters of change in motion – rippling on and on, out into the mysterious universe.

Go ahead! You can ask for anything!

How to write your prayer
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