Temple 1: Seigantoji


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About Seigantoji:
Set in the primeval forests of Kumano, in a region steeped in mystical legends and overlooking Japan’s largest waterfall, Seigantoji’s long history dates back into the mists of time. The temple is the starting point of the Kannon pilgrimage, but for well over a thousand years it has also been a destination in itself. During the middle ages the pilgrimage from Kyoto to Kumano became so popular with emperors, nobility and common people alike that the pilgrimage route was said to be “like a trail of ants.” With the glorious Nachi waterfall, the imperially protected virgin forests, the ancient mountain paths and the coastline dotted with fishing hamlets and hot springs, Seigantoji continues to be a popular destination for nature lovers as well as pilgrims of Kannon.
Nachi Falls
Courtesy of Wikimedia
Shrine: Nachi Taisha
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Courtesy of Colin Potts
Photo courtesy of Colin Potts
Sub-temple: Fudarakusanji
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