Temple 4: Sefukuji


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About Sefukuji:
Sefukuji is formally known as Makinodera 槙尾寺, which means “Temple at the End of the Sutra”. It is said that when the legendary mountain ascetic En no Gyōja was wandering through these mountains chanting the Lotus Sutra this was the place he rested at the end of his long recitation. The temple located on a small plateau at the top of a long steep ascent that is the first real challenge for the modern pilgrim; it provides a taste of how the entire pilgrimage must have been traveled before we had cars and buses to bring us to these sacred places. The pathway follows a brook up through pristine forest, past many little shrines and ancient stone Jizōs that connect you with the pilgrims of long ago.

General Information about Sefukuji
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