Temple 6: Tsubosakadera


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About Tsubosakadera:
Tsubosakadera, which means “Jar Hillside Temple” (see Founding Legend for further explanation), is set high up a forested mountain and is famous for its long history of healing miracles related to the eyes. There is a hospice here for the elderly blind and although the temple has a precarious number of steps, many blind people come here for healing. There is a huge pile of discarded glasses in the Hondō that attest to the efficacy of prayer. A striking feature of the temple’s grounds are the many modern stone images carved in the ancient Indian style which are testament to the temple’s ongoing active engagement in social welfare programs in India, including hospices for Hansen’s disease sufferers and for the blind.
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It is rare to see images of the historical Buddha at Esoteric Buddhist temples such as this and even more unusual to see this in combination with esoteric images, like the Kannon below the Buddha.

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