Temple 8: Hasedera


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About Hasedera:
Hasedera has always been an important pilgrimage destination in its own right, as the literary journals kept by emperors, court ladies, nobles and commoners since the 9th century attest. For many centuries pilgrims have traveled here from all over Japan to venerate the Hase Kannon, who is said to answer the prayers of anyone in need. The pilgrim village that grew up in front of the temple – monzen machi – is still a very lively densely-packed street of souvenir and local food vendors, inns, and restaurants that really give you a taste of how it must have been for pilgrims for centuries. The vast temple complex built up the side of Mt Hakurai is an important teaching monastery and is headquarters of the Buzan sect of Shingon Buddhism.
Courtesy of Hasedera
Photo courtesy of Hasedera

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