Temple 11: Kami Daigoji


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About Kami Daigoji:
Daigo (Sanskrit: sarpir-manda) is a kind of ambrosia, a delicious Indian sweet made from an extract of milk which became a metaphor for Buddha’s teachings as expounded in the Lotus Sutra. This World Heritage region that extends from Mt Omine in Yoshino, through these mountains that include Kami Daigoji, and on down to Kumano (where the Kannon pilgrimage begins) is regarded as a mandala that is traversed by Shugendō practitioners who complete complex esoteric practices along the way. Women were forbidden to enter these mountains until very recently and even today they are forbidden to journey past the upper temple complex into Mt Kasatori. The tough climb to the temple through the primeval forest is enacted as an offering to all suffering beings.
Courtesy of Motoharu Sumi

Tragically, at 4 minutes to midnight on August 24th 2008, the pilgrimage temple – Juntei-dō – was struck by lightning: the temple and honzon enshrined therein were entirely destroyed in the ensuing conflagration. At this time nobody is permitted to climb the mountain to the site, and all temple business will be conducted from the Nyonindō at the base of the mountain until further notice.

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