Temple 13: Ishiyamadera


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About Ishiyamadera:
Ishiyamadera is a glorious temple complex spread up the side of the mountain directly above Lake Biwa. It is spectacular at any time of the year but is most famous for its beautiful cherry blossoms in spring and rich foliage in autumn. It is mentioned in many literary sources of the Heian era as a popular place of pilgrimage in its own right, and it is here that the world’s first novel was commenced by Murasaki Shikibu – The Tale of Genji. Spiritually, it has a mysterious and profound energy that is quite palpable, enhanced by the presence of the amazing keikaiseki (wollastonite) rock formations upon which the temple is build.
Courtesy of k-kabegami.com

Autumn foliage at Ishiyamadera

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