Temple 18: Rokkakudō


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About Rokkakudō:
Rokkakudō, meaning the 'Six-sided Temple,' is located right in the middle of Kyoto city, and even has a stone marker that is Kyoto’s ‘belly button’ to prove it! Yet even in the midst of the towering concrete buildings hemming in this little temple, it still possible to find a peaceful respite here beside the flowing waters of the pond, with its beautiful white swans. This temple is the where ikebana – the art of flower arrangement – began over four hundred years ago as an act of Buddhist devotion, and the abbot here is also the president of the international Ikenobo Ikebana Society. The magnificent multi-story glassed building behind the temple is dedicated to this art, and is part of the temple itself.
Courtesy of Rokkakudo

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