Temple 25: Kiyomizudera


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About Kiyomizudera:
A remote mountain temple at the top of Mt Mitake, far from towns and cities, Kiyomizudera is still recovering from a devastating fire that destroyed the entire complex in 1913. All of the present buildings date from after that time, and the temple still considers itself to be in a state of reconstruction, with plans to gradually replace the lost buildings. This is one of the few temples that still has the ancient pilgrim path leading up the mountain as it has for over a thousand years, and even though the buildings might not be antique, the walk through the pristine forests past the ancient stone markers really connects the modern pilgrim with those thousands of pilgrims who have trodden this way before them. This offers the pilgrim a deep sense of spiritual connection with the pilgrimage as a ‘way’ of spiritual practice, rather than focusing solely on the destination.
Courtesy of Kiyomizudera

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