Temple 26: Ichijōji


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About Ichijōji:
Ichijōji, situated far off the beaten track in the midst of forest and undulating hills outside of Himeji city, is a place full of mysterious energy and places that seem to come from some distant forgotten time. The Kondō is the largest temple of the pilgrimage, which tells of a time past when this now-quiet temple was once a large and thriving pilgrimage destination. As one of the oldest temples on the pilgrimage, it was founded by a legendary wandering holy man Hōdō Sennin, who is said to have flown here from India. In the worn stones and ancient ruins of the shrines it feels like the ghosts of the past (or present) still inhabit this strange melancholy place. You can almost see… what? Behind that tree, in the bamboo thicket, inside the little grottos, under the moss, beside the mountain path…

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