Temple 27: Engyōji


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About Engyōji:
Engyōji, called the ‘Mt Hiei of the West’, is a major Tendai temple complex set high on Mt Shosha, overlooking Himeji city. Its vast grounds make for a whole day’s outing, which many local people take advantage of for hiking and picnicking during the year. After taking the cable car, you can spend hours walking the many mountain paths and passing by shrines and ancient stone monuments along the way, all the time hearing the Bell of Compassion being run by the pilgrims. Despite some damage during WWII, there are many beautiful old buildings that are heritage listed. It was here that the movie The Last Samurai was filmed in 2002, bringing renewed attention to the temple complex.

General Information about Engyōji
Honzon and other enshrined images
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Founding story and other legends
Goeika sacred hymn
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