Temple 30: Chikubushima


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About Chikubushima:
Chikubushima is a tiny island in the middle of the vast Lake Biwa. The temples and shrines on the island are sacred to a number of syncretic Buddhist and Shinto feminine deities: Kannon, Benzaiten, Asaihime and Ichikishima. This mystical island is steeped in legends and folklore, and its caves were home to many hermits, shamans and wandering monks dating back into the mists of time. Although the goddesses who are venerated here have individual names, their identities seem to merge and the island’s main energy seems to be the Divine Feminine itself. Pilgrims come here especially to ask the Muse for inspiration for their arts in the areas of literature, music, painting, poetry, dance, and calligraphy.

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