Temple 33: Kegonji


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About Kegonji:
Our final temple of the pilgrimage is a long way from the penultimate Kannonshōji, far up into the mountains in the tea-growing area of Tanigumi. Here the pilgrims place their jackets and books and staffs as an offering to Kannon in thanks for their successful journey. There is a sense of world-weariness here that echoes the fatigue one feels at the end of this long journey. There is a passageway within the temple that goes deep underneath the inner sanctum that contains the secret image of Kannon. This pitch-black chamber is called the “womb”, and once you enter the darkness of the passage and come out the other side, you are said to have been reborn and are ready to return to the mundane world, carrying Kannon’s sacred power and blessings with you.

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