Temple Amulets

Temple Amulets

While I am on the pilgrimage, it is possible for me to obtain temple amulets on your behalf. Each of the temples offers its own unique amulets that encapsulate the sacred energy of that place. Many of the temples are famous for particular special benefits, called goryaku, which translates as “worldly powers,” meaning they have the power to affect the material world, such as health, love, and financial matters. The amulets come in two forms: "omamori" and "goshuin," which I explain below. If you would like to obtain an amulet, please let me know by email or when you send your prayer.

Here are some of the kinds of amulets I can obtain for you:
Support for your spiritual path
Healing from illness
Healing and protection from headaches
Protection from physical and mental illness
Protection from dementia
Healing especially for children
Conceiving a child
Successful pregnancy and easy childbirth
Protection for pets
Protection from traffic accidents
Protection from harm
Protection from fires
Protection during vulnerable years
(25, 42, 61 for men; 19, 33, 37 for women)
Finding a marriage partner
Keeping a happy marriage
Peace and prosperity for the family
Prosperity in business
Opening up to good fortune and happiness
Passing exams
Making your wishes come true

An omamori amulet is a little satin brocade bag that has a consecrated prayer or image of Kannon printed on a paper inside; this kind of amulet is kept in your handbag, or beside your bed, or in your pocket, or tied to your car rear-view mirror, and so forth. An omamori measures about 5cms x 8cms.

The cost of an omamori amulet is $20 (includes postage).

A “goshuin” is a special temple seal that is like Kannon’s signature, and every temple's goshuin is unique. Firstly, the priest imprints a vermillion stamp that represents the sacred energy of the temple. Over this red seal, the priest will then write a mantra in black ink with a traditional calligraphy brush; the mantra contains the mystic words that identify the power of Kannon. The resultant goshuin is a powerful talisman, and a beautiful work of calligraphy art. It measures about 11cms x 17cms.

The cost of a goshuin is $15 (includes postage).
Crystal Amulets

These crystal amulets are engraved with a sacred Sanskrit character that represents the embodied power of that particular Buddha. These Sanskrit symbols are called "bija" and are a condensed version of the mantra that invokes that Buddha. The crystal amulets shown here are for Kannon, the Buddha of Compassion, and for Yakushi, the Medicine Buddha; however, you can order a crystal amulet for any Buddhist deity. All of these crystal amulets are made by hand here at the Wabi'an art studio by Russell Bian Pearce, a Buddhist monk and craftsman. While engraving, he chants the mantra for the particular Buddha many hundreds of times; afterwards, the crystal is put upon the altar inside Wabi'an temple and blessed. It is then placed in a special amulet pouch (see right) and sent to you. Each crystal is made to order.

Here is a list of some of the Buddhas:
Kannon, Buddha of Compassion
Yakushi, Medicine Buddha
Jizo, Protector of Children, and Safe Travel
Fudo, the Light King who gives courage in difficult times
Fugen, Buddha of Spiritual Practice
Monju, Buddha of Wisdom and Education
Aizen, Buddha of Sexual Passion

Available in rose quartz, crystal, and amethyst (25mm x 35mm)
Cost: $25 (includes postage)

If you wish, I can take your amulet on pilgrimage with me and consecrate it at each of the 33 temples. The cost of this service is an additional AU$15 per amulet.

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