Coach New Metallic Leather Coin Case

This morning I was clearing up my daily carrying handbag and found it is really in a mess. All kinds of items like notebooks, worker mirror, receipts, cards and a handful of coins I was unshakable to buy a coin time for convenience And here comes the Coach New Metallic Leather Coin Case, which exists in two colors, sliver and gold. One may consider the color too vulgar, but it is not the occasion to Chinese folks They consider silver and gold as the luckiest color After all, it is on a fiscal case.

Coach New Metallic Leather Coin Case

As a interrogation of fact, the Coach Coin juncture is not that true in its silver and gold color Instead, it is more like the kind of irradiate grey and minatory brown. This classic compass coin instance is in shiny trompl oeil figure for it has metallic foil embossed over metallic leather, over which it has uncommonly abstract and ingenuous image. Measures at 4 x 4 inches, it is immense enough for holding coins Its zip-top closure is attached with an interesting tassel This coin situation is moderately variable for daily using, and it can also be a great ability for your friends.

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